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Come in and play

Welcome to the new website for Ron Chalice. New graphics, new layout, and some new content. What we haven’t moved yet, and may not, are the music related pages and some of the other stuff (like Polly Wanna Quacker) from the old RonChalice.com.

We’ll keep it all available for some time, so if you have some specific feelings about it, let us know.

C’mon in and look around. We’re going to be keeping RC a little busy.

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So, the director said…

“You’re looking a little pale, and we’re shooting the restaurant commercial tomorrow. How about hanging out by the pool for a while with a bottle of wine.” Being the good guy I am, I paid attention when the sign said No Glass in Pool Area. So I went and got a box. RLC Image: Taken from a publicity shot of… (more…)

Yo Heave Ho…

Tap tap tap tap … (shake wrist) … tap tap tap tap … stretch neck … Oops, time for more coffee. Tap tap tap tap … (shake wrist) … tap tap tap tap … stretch neck … Is it five o’clock yet? What only 10 AM????? Hey, it’s Friday! Time to hang it up.     Image from a frame… (more…)

Ron’s Got a Hot Pen

Really crankin’ away lately. RC’s Boss. * image created on PADRAIG-IV using the Fluid FX® tool from Autodesk®