Monthly Archives: May 2006

Author Falls Prey to Dog!

I can’t believe it! I’m sitting here with broken ribs after an Alpha Male encounter with my little bitty puppy. Okay, at 85+ pounds and 17 months he’s not exactly little bitty anymore. If the pain and humiliation weren’t enough, I had to sit through a lecture from my doctor on how I needed to train my dog. Sailor, the… (more…)

Made it uptown

Being a good kid, I called my mom to wish her happy mother’s day.  I learned that my aunt, who lives in the famous Dakota in NYC, picked up a copy of my first book, Kiss the Breath of Sunset, in an upper west side bookstore.  How cool is that? Now, if her neighbors would each buy a copy… heh,… (more…)

Love Your Eyes – An Excerpt from Kiss the Breath of Sunset

I was fortunate enough to know Tommy Bolin as a teenager in Boulder. Many years after his death, after finishing a screenplay called “Love Your Eyes”, I was working on a piece of music suitable for the opening credits. For some reason, bits and pieces of Tommy’s style came to mind, and this is the result, from Kiss the Breath… (more…)

Stuck in Telluride – an Excerpt from Kiss the Breath of Sunset

Nothing much to take apart with this one. If you’ve been there, you’ll understand. Stuck in Telluride   Once on a Saturday night not so long ago, I was feelin’ mighty fine, as those feelin’s go. I saw a little lady, tried my best to impress, I thought maybe later I could get her undressed. She looked at my clothes,… (more…)

Why Bother? an excerpt from Kiss the Breath of Sunset

I was a little surprised the first time I saw the ‘Young Adult’ or YA label on my book Kiss the Breath of Sunset; but there it was. It didn’t take me long to realize that the booksellers who applied that tag were right on the money. Many of the pieces in the book speak directly to the angst and… (more…)