Monthly Archives: June 2006

Here Comes Petrov

If you want your passionate pickle to be perpetually prepared, purchase your pearly pink pills from Petrov. Anyone who does any e-mail volume at all has certainly seen the recent flood of spam for “enhancers” and other stuff. What’s really amazing is the volume of it that comes from domains ending in “.ru”. They must be : a) completely out… (more…)

Ongoing Polls Galore! Give us your opinions.

Real research blended with silliness and satire at Our Toothpaste Society. We currently have two types of ongoing polls running on the Toothpaste Society site: Word Use Polls: Throughout the US and the World, there are many items that can be described with a plethora of words. To use our first poll for an example: a long piece of furniture… (more…)

94 with a bullet!

I don’t know exactly what this means, but a few days ago, while Googling “Batting Practice”, I ran across a list from Amazon in Germany listing it at #94 in thrillers.  Thought maybe it was just a funky list until I scrolled up to see Dan Brown at both #1 and #2, with over 1,000 total entries in the list. … (more…)