Monthly Archives: November 2006

A Couple of Bottles Short of a Six-Pack

Here’s a DECOMPOSITION of one I put up this morning at Three Chords to Freedom …¬†(as usual, decomp notes are in parentheses) (decomp: Apparently a homeowners association in the town of Pagosa Springs,¬†Colorado is fining a homeowner for displaying a wreath in the shape of a peace sign…) I was in Pagosa Springs just the other day Saw a man… (more…)

Okay, it’s been nearly a month.

Sorry for the delays in posting its been a bit crazy. Boomersaurus is back in action and I’ve had some writing deadlines, a couple of contest entries, and an anthology submission. You hear a lot of comments from both sides regarding writing contests… I focus on groups that I know well, or have an association with. I find two absolutes… (more…)