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UFO Incident Leaves Author Shaken…

Today I discovered a real disadvantage associated with the writing of suspense and thrillers. While contemplating the rewrite of a scene where Catherine Combes is indecisive about pulling her weapon on a seventeen-year-old girl, the silence in my office was shattered by exploding glass. A UFO (Unwanted Flying Object) had breached the outer layer of insulated glass but, fortunately, didn’t… (more…)

Minor changes

We’ve made a couple of minor changes to make the site a bit easier to read.  The font for the main content is now a bit larger and spacier. Thanks, Blog Administrator

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

  April 20-22, 2007  Colorado Springs Marriott. The Pikes Peak Writers Conference started in 1993 and each April, brings the New York publishing industry to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a weekend packed with workshops, pitch meetings, read & critique sessions and much more. Writer’s Digest Magazine voted Pikes Peak Writers Conference one of the top ten writing conferences in the… (more…)