Miners Alley Playhouse has done it again!

I’ve never been disappointed at one of the dozen or more shows we’ve seen at the Miner’s Alley Playhouse in Golden, Colorado, but “Tuesday’s with Morrie” which opened March 23 is simply astounding. Written by Mitch Albom and Jeffery Hatcher, and based on Albom’s best-seller, the play is directed for MAP by Richard H. Pegg.

The performances of Roger Simon as Morrie Schwartz and Scott McClean as Mitch Albom draw the audience into the world of ALS. As Morrie deals with his disease, and prepares for the inevitable end, Mitch’s life is indelibly altered by his Tuesday visits with his old college mentor. Simon’s and McClean’s performances are taut, and respectful, yet mesmerizing. Only minutes into the play, it’s hard for the viewer to imagine not being in Morrie’s office, in the middle of the conversation.

If I had a dozen thumbs, they’d all be pointing skyward.



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