Where the Hell Have You Been?

Ok, most people did put it a little more politely than that. The last few months have been a challenge. Heck, it might even be something to write about. Not nearly as funny as the dog-broken ribs or the cookie-broken foot, but maybe somebody will get a chuckle.

Vaguely related to the cookie incident, by way of involving food, the latest travails began in mid-October last year, with a couple drops of onion juice…

(to be continued…)

4 Responses to Where the Hell Have You Been?

  1. Dog's best friend says:

    I’m not sure this works but thought I would change my name to dog’s best friend.

  2. ronchalice says:

    🙂 Perhaps you should also visit SailorTheDog.com

  3. Dog's best friend says:

    How’s Sailor doing? He’s a cutie…and it looks like he’s a handful also.
    Keep walking…it’s the best way to bond with dogs…and maybe even some people.

  4. ronchalice says:

    Not only a source of good exercise, but also a wellspring of great writing material. He turned three last fall, and is finally starting to mellow. He passed his AKC Good Citizen certification a few months ago. Miracle of miracles. I’ve got notes on at least a dozen Sailor stories I haven’t had time to write yet.