Monthly Archives: April 2008

Where the Hell… Episode Three

Where we find out how Darth Vader came to be… sorry, wrong story. Yes, I’m freakin’ allergic to antihistimines. Ain’t that a drag? When I have a serious reaction, I have two available meds. An Epi-pen, which is a spring loaded syringe of ephinepherine that hurts like hell, and prednisone. Predisone is a corticosteriod that works against allergic reactions by… (more…)

You Gotta Love Those Spiders

You are so not going to believe this!  (wow, that sounds like my 25-year-old) Internet search engines use programs called spiders to snoogle (how do you like that for a word?) around websites collecting information and building directories.  Google, Yahoo, and a kazillion other web indexes use the little bugs.  Anyone who uses the internet for marketing should use… (more…)

Where the Hell… part deux

Before I continue with the story, check out my new bio page — just click up in the right corner — up a little higher, there you go — where it says “About Ron Chalice.”  We’ll return after the word from our sponsor. The story continues… It never pays to be in a hurry. Before I get to the end of this… (more…)