RC is Getting Pushy

AFWNA logoEvery since the boss (me) decided not to whack RonChalice for being a lazy good for nothing and built him a new website, he’s been getting pretty darned demanding.  New artwork, new logo, new articles to make him look good.

All for a lousy few new chapters over the past couple of months.

His latest demand, however, takes the cake. From somewhere in the back of that head of his, he dredged up this Association for Not Whacking Anybody (AFWNA) and wants us to to put the logo on ALL of our websites. Yeah, like that’ll happen. But we ARE gonna put it on this one since it’s his, and probably the only one in the world he ever looks at anyway.

So the logo you see above, and the following statement now appear on the Credits page.

No elephants, penguins, iguanas, or vampires were injured in the making of this website. (AFNWA1 approved)

Go figure…

Ron’s Boss

1 Association for Not Whacking Anybody – like everything else here, AFNWA is FICTITIOUS organization


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