The Organizations

They say that polite people don’t talk about politics or religion. Guess that makes us impolite. Click on an image to pay a visit. The small square image on the left of the screen shot is the “official” logo of the site. It also functions as the site’s icon – displayed in web browser, and on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad it is the icon that will be saved if you save the site to your home screen.

Acolytica, the Church of the Third Millennium

click the image to visit the website

Evangelical Crossway America

click the image to visit the website

American West Nationalist Party

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Post-Neanderthal Conservative Party

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Pending Organizations

The following organizations do not yet have a web site, and may not, but they exist in story lines and are sometimes used as content on other websites.


American Petroleum Executives Syndicate (APES)

Carmelito’s Creekside – the media hangout for libations and munchies.

Upscale shopping in the center of Solace Creek, Colorado

Organization of Corporate Executives – well, they couldn’t actually call it a union, could they?

Cool stuff, and cool owners – Zeke Paxtun and Bruce Peroo – they also play regularly at local night spot Steady Eddie’s in the Goldminer district.

Amazing – simply amazing – you can see their billboards and roadside signage in places thousands of miles away.

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