The Government (or GUVMINT)

You’ve gotta have some kind of government in your story, whether it’s the Feds or the local sheriff. The small square image on the left of the screen shot is the “official” logo of the site. It also functions as the site’s icon – displayed in web browser, and on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad it is the icon that will be saved if you save the site to your home screen.

GIA is keeping watch on EVERBODY, but just remember — “At GIA, we’re people, too.”

Click on the image to visit the website. Make sure you have your papers with you.


Among other things, the GIA website is designed to collect information and new postings from other websites in our universe. The site also monitors our Tweets from a number of Twitter accounts in the universe.


As Em Gideon says, “Failure is not a career ending event.”

Click on the image to visit the website


Naturally, all of the locations also have some type of government as well, look for the government offices links on the location websites. Boulder-Springs’ type of government is one I’m sure you’ll find quite unusual.

For political parties — why, of course we have political parties — see THE ORGANIZATIONS page in My Universe.

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