RLC and a bunch of his compadres, who also live in the head of Ron’s boss, have formed an organization called PSEUDANON.ORG after The Boss made threats of Whacking RLC several months ago. Fortunately, nobody got whacked, but we still want to stick together — just in case.

We didn’t have any choice – we HAD to create a safe place to hide from The Boss.,

Click on the image to visit the site



Here are the rest of the guys…. Click on an icon to visit the appropriate website.

RLC The first guy of them all… don’t click, you’re already here.

Duckie, OK, so maybe we was around even before RLC, maybe 20 years or more. We cleaned him up and got rid of the cigar. You can find his blog over at Boomersaurus

Wuckett… JeezeLaWeeze a 1960s guy. We brought him back as a character but he wanted to write some stuff, too. He’s more like Duckie actually was all those years back. He writes the Duckie Dic World Financial Dictionary.

Is GRC the author or is he a character? Maybe both, in the Liars Rebellion. BTW, it’s pronounced ka-SELL, an homage to brilliant character actor and Academy Award nominee Seymour Cassel.

The Hoarseman is the TRUE alter-ego for The Boss.


We this guy, OJ, sneaked into our organization and conned The Boss into putting him to work. So far, we don’t think his output is so great. His stuff is all protoTRIPE.

RC Kohler has always got SOMEBODY chasing after him. He’s supposed to be collaborating on several projects but all we get are cryptic messages.

Goblet doesn’t have an official picture. If you ever saw him you’d know why.

SailorTheDog is an award winning Labrador retriever who probably is the most productive of all of us inside.

The Smiley Faced Guy…don’t click, you won’t go anywhere.


The smiley faced guy doesn’t have a website. The Boss uses him a lot anyway, but we think he’s an idiot.

Jointly written by “All of Us Inside” or AOULITBH1 using RC’s Pen name. (Pseudonym… get it)

1 AOULITBH — All of us living inside the bosses’s head. The acronym looks like an H.P. Lovecraft character’s name doesn’t it?

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