What Facelift?

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What facelift? I didn’t have any freakin’ facelift. I’ve looked exactly the same all my life.

Oh, you mean the site! Yeah, switched to a new server and figured what the heck, might as well make some long needed changes at the same time. After several months, the transformation is just about complete. There were some things on the old site that probably won’t get migrated here, and others that will be migrated on a when we can get to it if hell doesn’t freeze over first.

Don’t know if you had a chance to visit the old place, but if you did and had a favorite part that’s not here anymore, let us know (a comment to this post is a good way) and we’ll bump it up on the list.

Not yet migrated:

RonChalice Lyric Library – a mess of song lyrics from long ago.
RonChalice music pages

Probably won’t migrate:

PollyWannaQuacker – the Official RonChalice Backup Band
Dopplegangers – No RonChalice is not who he looks like in that picture.


Hope you’re enjoying the new digs as much as I am…


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