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Ever been tongue-tied at a romantic moment? One of those times when the exactly right turn-of-phrase could change the course of the evening.  We have a solution with our new ChaliceMedia web presence…. Quick, Say Something Romantic

  qssr.net! Or qssrpc.com for full screen version.

A few quick keystrokes and you have an intelligent, romantic rhyming couplet or four line poem to win his/her heart!

AND IT’S SET UP FOR MOBILE!!!!! Get it on your cell phone, pda, or other wireless internet device IMMEDIATELY.

GO ON, give it a try!


Blog Treasure Hunt

Here is an opportunity to get yourself in the RonChalice Blog Hall of Fame…

So What! You say… it’s not like anybody knows who you are or cares about your “Stinkin’ Hall of Fame….”

OK, Yup, You maybe right. But I know that somewhere in the 60 gazillion people who are wandering the murky mire of the Internet, there is at least ONE individual DYING to be the FIRST PERSON canonized in the RonChalice Blog Hall of fame.

The blog treasure hunt is to find the name of the Character who said the following…  “Men are like blisters…”  in one of the numerous blogs relating to RonChalice, ChaliceMedia, and the Solace Creek Stories.  (for hints go to the page for The Solace Creek Project at RonChalice.COM)

The first person to post the CORRECT Character NAME and OCCUPATION as a comment to this blog item will be FOREVER enshrined in the RonChalice Blog Hall of Fame as the FIRST EVER INDUCTEE!!!!



ttfn, rlc

A Couple of Bottles Short of a Six-Pack

Here’s a DECOMPOSITION of one I put up this morning at Three Chords to Freedom … (as usual, decomp notes are in parentheses)

(decomp: Apparently a homeowners association in the town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado is fining a homeowner for displaying a wreath in the shape of a peace sign…)

I was in Pagosa Springs just the other day
Saw a man on a soapbox, stopped to hear what he’d say
He screamed “take that peace sign off your abode
It’s the sign of the Devil, it belongs in your commode.
Take it down, we won’t ask twice
It ain’t no sin to kill a Commie for Christ”

(decomp:  one of the issues raised by the homeowners association is that the peace sign is a symbol of the DEVIL) WOW! Never heard that one before…  (okay, not since 1967…))

He said:

Freedom is for me,
Freedom’s not for you
You ask me how I know it’s true
‘Coz my neck is red
My skin is white
And my blood is blue

He stood on his toes to emphasize his point
While in the air behind me I thought I smelled a joint
He ranted and screamed that what he spoke was true
This passion for peace was the devil’s due
The value of our homes is gonna drop, you see
If our neighbors start to think their speech is free

(decomp: okay, so nobody ever said anything about a joint in the news articles… but after all, this IS a Colorado mountain town…)

He said:

Freedom is for me,
Freedom’s not for you
You ask me how I know it’s true
‘Coz my neck is red
My skin is white
And my truck is blue

He shouted let’s fine ’em twenty-five a day
Show ’em free speech has a price to pay
We mean business, this is not any bluff
Our property values are serious stuff
Remember, we got cov-e-nants
To stop people sayin’ whatever they want

He said:

Freedom is for me,
Freedom’s not for you
You ask me how I know it’s true
‘Coz my neck is red
My skin is white
And my dog’s named Blue

(I’ve been thinking about this “chorus concept”… red neck, white skin, blue something-or-other for a week or so now, just needed a story to drive it…)

Seeya later… ttfn,  (or maybe today it should be a bit of lpw… love,peace,wow…)


Okay, it’s been nearly a month.

Sorry for the delays in posting its been a bit crazy. Boomersaurus is back in action and I’ve had some writing deadlines, a couple of contest entries, and an anthology submission. You hear a lot of comments from both sides regarding writing contests… I focus on groups that I know well, or have an association with. I find two absolutes (for me anyway) about contests…

  • They all have a deadline… (You know, when it MUST be done and MUST be in the mail)
  • The critiques coming back are valuable.
  • Did I mention they force you into a deadline… BIC-HOK stuff!!  No way around it.

I know several people participating in NaNoWriMo this year… I had my own mouse pointer on the “Submit” button several times… but there always seemed to be a reason to “wait another day and see how things are going…”  I can get words down rather quickly, but suddenly the 20th of November loomed and the thought of 50K words in 10 days….  oh, well you can imagine.

I did however get two pieces submitted to the Paul Gillette (Pikes Peak Writers) contest, and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers upcoming anthology… and sent materials off to meet agent requests…

Anybody else out there cramming on deadlines?  Let us know how it goes…

ttfn, rlc

Announcing a new holiday! – ARBS Day

I haven’t decided what the date will be yet. I’m trying to time it so I’ll get the most gifts and cards without conflicting with other holidays, birthdays and stuff. Open to suggestions…

ARBS day – Another Reason to Buy Shit Day — I’m sure the marketers will absolutely LOVE it!!!

Watch for more — coming soon!!!!

ttfn, rlc

Decomposition – Road Damage (1982)

Video games, takin’ all of my money
I’m so bored, that it ain’t even funny
Every town, new faces I see
They begin to look the same to me

On the road, far from home
Down the road, all alone
Road Damage, Ro Ro Ro Ro Road Damage
Road Damage
Road Damage, Ro Ro Ro Ro Road Damage
Road Damage

I either eat fast food, or I don’t eat at all
When I first left home, my clothes were too small
Every week, I drop another ten pounds
I hope there aren’t to many more towns




I smoke a lot of cigarettes, and I drink a lot of beer
I don’t let people get too near
I’m looking for the end to the endless songs
To get back home, where I belong

REPEAT CHORUS until fade

Copyright Ron Lynch Chalice 1982, 1986, 2004 All Rights Reserved.

(decomp: This is the title song for the work in progress CD “Road Damage”. OK, so this one isn’t brain surgery; it also isn’t Bob Seger’s Turn the Page

But it pretty well captures the feeling of a Western U.S. “B” club circuit, chasing from town to town behind the big truck that contained our roadies (who doubled as light and sound). — Western U.S. is a key phrase here… a lot of miles between those towns. — Any of you who’ve been there, done that can probably relate.)

ttfn, rlc

Who’s your favorite female movie cop?

Lorna Cole? – Lethal Weapon 3 & 4

Margie Gunderson – Fargo

Edwina ‘Ed’ McDunnough – Raising Arizona

Amelia Donaghy – The Bone Collector (Amelia Sachs in the book, I asked Jeffrey Deaver about that and he said, “When they want to buy your book for a movie, you take the money.”)

Meagan Turner – Blue Steel

Extra points if you can name the actresses that played them… for more great choices like this one, visit Our Toothpaste Society  at [No longer available].

Still enjoying Squaw Valley

Doing some writing during the day, not as much as I should be, but some… 😉

Spent yesterday on the western shore of Lake Tahoe between Tahoe City and Emerald Bay, must have taken 250-275 pictures… Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the proper cable to upload them to my laptop, so they’ll have to wait a few more hours…  Last night Huey Lewis and the News in a private concert.  Wow!!!!  Incredible show, even better than I’d anticipated.

Oh, well… time to pack soon… heading back for the Rocky Mountains in a couple of hours.

ttfn, rlc

Sometimes its just the surroundings

Spent the morning working on the wrap for a project called November Romeo (no, it’s not a romance, nor chick-lit), in idyllic surroundings.  Wireless laptop, enormous overstuffed leather chair, fireplace, and a fantastic view of the Squaw Valley ski area.  No snow yet, temps still in the 50s and 60s during daylight hours. The plane flight yesterday provided an opportunity to revisit some of the details of the book, make sure everything still seemed in order. Might put a tension tightener in or two, might not. It’s feeling pretty good as it is.

For some reason, to me writing always seems easier in a fantastically beautiful environment… even when not writing about beautiful things. There seems to be a plethora of creative energy beams that come from the rocks and trees bouncing around in boundless excitement. Much better than the old desk at home. (Although the desk at home has a panoramic view of the Colorado Rockies… when I stand on my tiptoes to look over the houses across the street.)

Squaw Valley reminds me of another favorite place that’s a little close to home… Vail.  Vail has a hotel we love, that happens to be owned by the same company as the one I sit in now in Squaw Creek.  Wow! (As my character Andrea Bellows so often says).  What a way to get motivated.  Lots of stuff in the news today…. I need to think about how Em Gideon, Constance Joiner, Perseus Cade and some of the other Solace Creek newsmakers might react.  Likely post an article or two in the Solace Creek Colorado media in the next day or two.

take care for now… ttfn


Character Quote from the Solace Creek Stories

“If you can’t say something good about someone, you must be a reporter.”  – Detective Alon Jacoby in Love Your Eyes (1989 Screenplay, Novelization WIP)