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What Facelift?

What facelift? I didn’t have any freakin’ facelift. I’ve looked exactly the same all my life. Oh, you mean the site! Yeah, switched to a new server and figured what the heck, might as well make some long needed changes at the same time. After several months, the transformation is just about complete. There were some things on the old… (more…)

Multimedia and Good Buddies…

A good, lifetime friend is working on a new multimedia project. Sneak peaks are cool…

One Freakin’ Page?

What the heck? I just went over to the Ron Chalice Official Website and was shocked to see that it is only ONE page. No links, nothing! My first thought was that what the Boss said a couple of months ago about whacking me might just be true. Then, I took half a minute to actually read what was written… (more…)

CS Indy Interview

I’m juiced. I did a newspaper interview last week with Jill Thomas of the Colorado Springs Independent. No details until her article comes out this week, but I would like to say that the Indy has been a great supporter of Pikes Peak Writers and the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Thanks! Ron

No Thanks Chris Whoeveryouare, I’ll Pass

Like everybody else in the isphere, I get a fair share of spam. My alter ego RC Kohler is playing around a bit with the influx of Russian stuff on his website, but I digress. I’ll tell you ahead of time, the moral of this story is research the depth of the water before you dive off that cliff.  A… (more…)

Update on the Big V… an — erp — apology to the Venetian

Ok, I was a little harsh on the Venetian earlier today. I mentioned the issues I was having to the Concierge (a great guy named Barry) and within an hour every item was taken care of. I’m posting this message from the fresh air near the rooftop pool. — There is a happy new bride and her entourage just a… (more…)

Presidential Candidate is Using A Ron Chalice Song!

Em Gideon, Presidential Candidate from Colorado, announced this morning that he is using a Ron Chalice song for his campaign.  How cool is that? Unfortunately, he didn’t credit US for the song… oh, well, we’re working with “his people” to see if we can get that corrected.  But you can listen to it right here on OUR MySpace page, it’s… (more…)

Em Gideon is Running for President

Wow! A good friend of mine is running for President. OK, he’s not really a friend, I can’t stand the prick. But he is a congressman and he is running for President, yep… THAT President… not the garden club or the Chamber of Commerce… the President of the USA. I noticed today that he’s started one heck of a web… (more…)

First Episode of Idols Time Warp – Available Now

  Get ready for the very first episode of Idols Time Warp, from NasalOranges and York Broadcast Network The transcript of the very first Idols Time Warp programme was released on NasalOranges on Monday, April 16, 2007. We had considered posting actual video footage of the programme, but discovered that the video equipment and media did not reach a “level… (more…)

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

  April 20-22, 2007  Colorado Springs Marriott. The Pikes Peak Writers Conference started in 1993 and each April, brings the New York publishing industry to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a weekend packed with workshops, pitch meetings, read & critique sessions and much more. Writer’s Digest Magazine voted Pikes Peak Writers Conference one of the top ten writing conferences in the… (more…)