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Skidding Across the Lip of Sixteen with the Eff-Bee-Eye

[ed. In the process of creating the new, I ran across this story as part of the “Ron” bio. Since it’s kind of fun, I publishing it as the first “real” article from the new website.] I had just skidded across the lip of sixteen when the Feebs (the EFF BEE EYE) first came knocking at my door.Okay, my… (more…)

Sometimes a Martini

Sometimes a martini just hits the spot. I finished a book over six months ago and set it aside. I loved it, but response was somewhat mediocre, one of the problems being that the title sounded like a romance novel. Nothing wrong with romance novels, but this is a thriller. Update: Sometimes a martini can get you whacked! Two freakin’… (more…)

Near-apocalyptic Snorker

OK, so I’ve been trying to figure out for freakin’ years just what it is that I write. Thrillers? Sort of. Suspense? Kinda. Mysteries? Not really. Humor? On good days. And… drumroll… It finally came to me. The Near-apocalyptic Snorker. Huh???? I can see the wheels spinning behind your eyes. “How the hell did you come up with THAT?” Welcome… (more…)

Public Consumption

OK, so The Flyover War project is getting a bit consumptive, of both energy and time. Unfortunately, doing things that haven’t exactly been done before often are. It’s a lot like publishing your outline, then figuring out how the heck you’re going to stick to it now that it’s out there. Or like building a house in components, confusing as… (more…)

Almost Live from the Pikes Peak Writers Conference

A little tongue-in-cheek at 5:30 am on April 23.

Miners Alley Playhouse has done it again!

I’ve never been disappointed at one of the dozen or more shows we’ve seen at the Miner’s Alley Playhouse in Golden, Colorado, but “Tuesday’s with Morrie” which opened March 23 is simply astounding. Written by Mitch Albom and Jeffery Hatcher, and based on Albom’s best-seller, the play is directed for MAP by Richard H. Pegg. The performances of Roger Simon… (more…)