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RC is Getting Pushy

Every since the boss (me) decided not to whack RonChalice for being a lazy good for nothing and built him a new website, he’s been getting pretty darned demanding.  New artwork, new logo, new articles to make him look good. All for a lousy few new chapters over the past couple of months. His latest demand, however, takes the cake.… (more…)

One Freakin’ Page?

What the heck? I just went over to the Ron Chalice Official Website and was shocked to see that it is only ONE page. No links, nothing! My first thought was that what the Boss said a couple of months ago about whacking me might just be true. Then, I took half a minute to actually read what was written… (more…)

Sometimes a Martini

Sometimes a martini just hits the spot. I finished a book over six months ago and set it aside. I loved it, but response was somewhat mediocre, one of the problems being that the title sounded like a romance novel. Nothing wrong with romance novels, but this is a thriller. Update: Sometimes a martini can get you whacked! Two freakin’… (more…)