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A Couple of Bottles Short of a Six-Pack

Here’s a DECOMPOSITION of one I put up this morning at Three Chords to Freedom …¬†(as usual, decomp notes are in parentheses) (decomp: Apparently a homeowners association in the town of Pagosa Springs,¬†Colorado is fining a homeowner for displaying a wreath in the shape of a peace sign…) I was in Pagosa Springs just the other day Saw a man… (more…)

Decomposition – Road Damage (1982)

Video games, takin’ all of my money I’m so bored, that it ain’t even funny Every town, new faces I see They begin to look the same to me CHORUS: On the road, far from home Down the road, all alone Road Damage, Ro Ro Ro Ro Road Damage Road Damage Road Damage, Ro Ro Ro Ro Road Damage Road… (more…)

Decomposition – Message From

Message From, an excerpt from Kiss the Breath of Sunset.¬† This is one of the pieces in the book that was set to music right away, and comes from the Mary Jane Bann’d era 1967-72. Melody Dee is on my mind Baby, we haven’t got much time I know our love is going fine Say goodnight, say goodnight Say goodnight,… (more…)