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So, the director said…

“You’re looking a little pale, and we’re shooting the restaurant commercial tomorrow. How about hanging out by the pool for a while with a bottle of wine.” Being the good guy I am, I paid attention when the sign said No Glass in Pool Area. So I went and got a box. RLC Image: Taken from a publicity shot of… (more…)

Ron’s Got a Hot Pen

Really crankin’ away lately. RC’s Boss. * image created on PADRAIG-IV using the Fluid FX® tool from Autodesk®

Nostagia Snort #1 – Flash Production Credits

This is one my early experiments (circa 2004-05)  with interactive Flash® animation1. It’s made up of some Ron Chalice production credits from the original (v 1.0) website.  Click through the list of items. Projects included in this animation are © the producers listed in the animation. 1 Sorry Apple® mobile users (of which I am one)… this interactive flash… (more…)