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What Facelift?

What facelift? I didn’t have any freakin’ facelift. I’ve looked exactly the same all my life. Oh, you mean the site! Yeah, switched to a new server and figured what the heck, might as well make some long needed changes at the same time. After several months, the transformation is just about complete. There were some things on the old… (more…)

Skidding Across the Lip of Sixteen with the Eff-Bee-Eye

[ed. In the process of creating the new, I ran across this story as part of the “Ron” bio. Since it’s kind of fun, I publishing it as the first “real” article from the new website.] I had just skidded across the lip of sixteen when the Feebs (the EFF BEE EYE) first came knocking at my door.Okay, my… (more…)

One Freakin’ Page?

What the heck? I just went over to the Ron Chalice Official Website and was shocked to see that it is only ONE page. No links, nothing! My first thought was that what the Boss said a couple of months ago about whacking me might just be true. Then, I took half a minute to actually read what was written… (more…)

Almost Live from the Pikes Peak Writers Conference

A little tongue-in-cheek at 5:30 am on April 23.

Interesting Article on CNN

CNN on-line published an interesting article on self-publishing today, and sometimes it turns out that the responses are more interesting than the main article. I won’t go into a lot of detail, because you have a finger-clicker right there in front of you [and I hate taking the time to paraphrase what somebody else has already written]. To sum up,… (more…)

Harlan Coben, you’ve broken my heart

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not in THAT way. For someone who spends hours in a car every day, audio books weigh in right up there with the microprocessor in the advancements of the 20th century. I listen to at least one every week, sometimes two.  A lot of my driving is late-night from Colorado Springs to the… (more…)

Boomersaurus is extinct…

Ok, so I knew all along it couldn’t last forever, just thought maybe a little longer. A little over a year ago, a virus did a bit of nerve damage regarding my vocal chords. I worked with a marvelous speech pathologist who brought me back a long way – unfortunately a five hour show is out of the question. Thing… (more…)

Realistic Characters – REALLY Realistic

Every day something new comes at me from the websphere that I hadn’t thought of (and me a strategic kind of guy). Today is certainly no exception. I write a lot of stuff that has corporate executives at the core of the story. OK, not too uncommon in these times. The place it gets interesting is that a number of… (more…)

Learn to Write A Friggin’ Synopsis

Jeeze Laweeze! Again it’s been forever since anything new has appeared on this page. Why? Is Ron one lazy SOB or what? Nope! Probably the opposite. But being the guy that I am, I’m going to lay the blame specifically on [somebody else]. It’s all about that last post, wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay back on the 30th of May. That darned deadline. That… (more…)