These are the current projects that Ron Chalice is involved in either as the Author of Record or a Collaborator.

The Acolytica series from the Solace Creek Stories by Ron Chalice.

The projects in the Acolytica series are all thrillers or mysteries connected in some way to this fictitious religious organization with world headquarters in Solace Creek, Colorado. Acolytica has over fifteen million members, including people in the highest corporate, military, and political positions in the country. The core belief structure of the AC (Acolytican Church) is related to the Epistles of Persuasion and that they were handed down by God to Perseus Cade, the Gleaner of Souls, to prepare for The Harvest.

The first of the series should be available as Expanded Experience eBooks by the end of 2012 (IF the Mayans aren’t right).


The Flyover War by Ron Chalice

A reporter’s chase to get the story behind an impending civil war becomes a battle for her life.

“I have to tell you something, but not on this phone – any phone.” Within minutes, the caller is dead, and Tobi Monahan’s life depends on her finding out why.

The Flyover War is in the third stage of prototype development.


Heaven’s Lower East Side by Ron Chalice and Teddy Leadville (Ghost — OK Angel actually)

Teddy was once a guardian angel, before he was fired by the Big Guy for taking a day off and letting his charge, Beezbo Brown, die in a skydiving mishap. OK, so it was really a murder and Beezbo was not a good guy. Now Teddy runs the Lower East Side, a part of Heaven for those who but for one redeeming quality would have gone downstairs to the Other Place. On various assignments from the Big Guy, Teddy must help some of the Earthbound characters from The Solace Creek Stories.

HLES is underway, containing both short stories and longer works.


Liars Rebellion by G.R. Cassel

Ron Chalice is a contributor in character development but probably won’t get a byline. He’s not happy.

In a backlash for legislation requiring that companies and their leaders tell the truth in all business documents, advertising, and communication, Congress has modified The Truth Act to make the creation of fiction literature, movies, and other entertainment illegal, punishable by life in prison. A writer named Gray, and his way-cute assistant Loni assemble The Cortex to fight the enforcement of the Truth Act.

Liars Rebellion is in manuscript revision, all components of the web presence are available but in prototype stages.